Whitianga Summer Concert 2019

See the exciting line-up for next summer, tickets are selling fast! Check out Greenstone Entertainment's website below for ticket details. 

Event Site Parking & Location Plan

Major Sponsors

There will be a road block at the beginning of Vanita Drive (off Joan Gaskell), meaning there will be NO PUBLIC ACCESS ahead of the event. Please park in the designated car parking areas (marked as red in image below) or along Joan Gaskell Drive. These parking areas are all within a few minutes’ walk to the venue.

The event is located directly on the Waterways, please take caution of the water, and be mindful of your children at all times.

Your furry family pet is welcome to the event but must be on a leash at all times, and please pick up after dog if he/she does number 2’s.

You are welcome to bring food and drink to the event but this a family friendly event and NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the premises.

Please feel free to bring a picnic rug and blankets, find a suitable spot upon arrival and make yourselves comfortable.